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We are the best choice for trips to and from Brussels Zaventem Airport to the Eindhoven region. We pick you up at the designated time, and bring you directly to the airport, as opposed to some of our "colleagues", who combine fares.

The price depends on several factors, including the number of passengers, and time of day. If the taxi isn't likely to get stuck in traffic, we can quote you a better price when this is almost certain. More information about our airport service can be found here. Call or mail for a quote.

There are two ways to travel between Weeze Airport and Eindhoven: Over the motorway (A67, A73) and the "rural"-route (Helmond - Deurne - Venray). Both options have a different price tag.

Rate Taxi Eindhoven - Weeze

Here you find the "starting from" rate for a taxi from Eindhoven to Weeze or for a taxi van Weeze naar Eindhoven. More info can be found here.

TripPrice CarPrice Van
Eindhoven to Weeze rural€99€125
Weeze to Eindhoven rural€99€125
Eindhoven to Weeze motorway€119€145
Weeze to Eindhoven motorway€119€145

Taxi Eindhoven - Weeze

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Less than 5 people in a minivan? With 777 you only pay the normal (small) taxi rate!

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