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Airport rates

During the spring months we have a special offer with discounts up to 60%. The following conditions apply:

For trips outside this timeslot, on shorter notice, from other originating locations, or trips with multiple pick up points: please contact us. We will offer you our price.

Our promise to you: A deal is a deal. If the taxi hits traffic it's our problem. An exeption to this would be extreme weather conditions, but if that is the case, you don't want to be at an airport anyway.

DestinationPrice CarPrice Minivan
Brussel Zaventem€209€209
Frankfurt a. M.€395€395

Why you should choose for a taxi to the airport

You want to begin your vacation or business trip as relaxed as possible. Then you undoubtably don't feel like busses, trams, trains, change trains, leafs/snow/cattle on the track, too hot, too cold, hauling luggage, etc. So no public transport. The alternative is getting there with your own car. That option has it's own challenges and annoyances. Parking accounts for a very large portion of the income of airports. Together with trying to find a parkingspot in the same zipcode as the departure terminal, as well as having to haul your luggage, that isn't a nice way to start your vacation / business trip. You should also take into consideration that when you return after a long and tiring trip, you will have to find your car, haul your luggage there, and then drive home. Think about it. Your first trip after your trip will be 100 km+.

Not a good idea.

Solution: get a taxi to and from the airport.

Together with our dispatcher you determine the best pickup time. You are collected at your doorstep and dropped off at the departures-terminal. It goes without saying that the driver will assist you with your luggage. Contrary to some of our competitors, 777 does not combine you with other passengers. It's straight from your doorstep to the airport. (Unless you need the members of your party to be collected individually, off course.) This way the start of your trip is easy and relaxed.

When you return, you simply place a short call and your booked taxi will pick you up. You'll be home before you know it.

Triple Seven accepts all mayor cards. More information about that can be found here