Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find the answer to frequently asked questions about Taxi 777 and about Dutch taxi's in general.


  • Why is there a difference in rates between taxi companies?

    There are maximum, but no minimum rates. This means a taxi companie can decide for it self which rates it will use, as long as it doesn't charge more than the national maximum. This can result in a difference of a couple of euro's, depending on the fare.

  • How is the fare determined? Can I calculate it myself?

    There is a maximum rate, but no minimum. However, about 95% of all companies uses the maximum rate. The rate consists of five parts:

    • waiting time prior to the trip when booked
    • Initial charge
    • Price per kilomter
    • Price per minute for the entire duration of the trip. Waiting in traffic, driving, traffic jams.
    • Extra services, such as porting luggage, escorting you in/out of a building, waiting as you run an errand, etc.

    There also is the possibility to charge a fixed rate for a fixed trip, such as airports or nearby attractions, with the possibility to do so on a per-seat basis.However, the passengers always have the option to chose the "metered price", so the total price may not exceed the maximum rate.

    As per april 1st 2012, all taxi's use the "double tariff", which combines the distance with the duration of the trip. The rate per kilometer was reduced, as was the initial charge, and a rate per minute was introduced. This means that a trip where there is no traffic gets cheaper, with congestion it get a bit more expensive.

    The maximum rates per january 1st 2019 are:

    • Waiting prior to the trip when booked: €42,94 per hour.
    • Initial charge: €3,19.
    • Each kilometer: €2,35
    • Each minute: €0,39

    For minivans the following rates apply: resp €42,94; €6,49; €2,95 en €0,44.

    If you know the distance and duration of a journey, you can calculate the metered price. It's even easier with the

    Taxi 777 Price Calulation Tool

  • What are the maximum rates?

    The maximum rates per april 1st are:


    • Waiting prior to a trip when booked: €42,94 per hour.
    • Initial charge: €3,19.
    • Each kilometer: €2,35
    • Each minute: €0,39


    • Waiting prior to a trip when booked: €42,94 per uur.
    • Initial charge: €6,49.
    • Each kilometer: €2,95
    • Each minute: €0,44
  • What about vans? Are they always more expensive?

    When a taxi is equipped to seat 5 passengers or more, the driver may always use the rate that applies to minivans, independant of the number of passengers actually in the taxi. When getting into a minivan with four people or less, ask the driver which rate he will use and check it.

    TIP: Triple Seven only charges the "car"-rate when you get into a minivan with less than 5 people. Yet another reason to prefer 777.

  • The driver doesn't use the meter. Is that allowed?

    In certain situations that would be allowed, but most of the time the meter must be used, even when a fixed price is agreed upon. Most meters will show the price that was agreed, or all zero's. When in doubt, always ask the driver to turn on the meter.

  • The driver directs me to another taxi. Should I take that one?

    NO! You and you alone decides which taxi you take.

  • But why does the driver direct me to another taxi?

    In Eindhoven (and in lots of other places) taxi ranks use a FIFO-system (First In – First Out). So if the customer does not have a preference, the first taxi in line gets the fare. However, if the customer DOES have a prefenrence as to which taxi he would like to take, he can take any taxi he wants.

    He who has to pay, gets to say....

  • The driver refuses service to me. Should I accept this?

    That depends on the situation. Ask the driver for the reason, and try to get a businesscard. That way you can file a complaint. Drivers may refuse certain fares, but only if they have a valid reason. In the following cases a driver may refuse service:

    • You, your clothes, or your luggage is so dirty that the car will be soiled.
    • You are showing aggressive behaviour or there is another ground to asume that you will cause problems along the way.
    • You have caused problems with this driver / company before.
    • By taking you to your destination, the driver would exceed the maximum amount of hours that he is allowed to work

    Most of the time you are refused, it's because the fare is to small. (Sorry, I'm booked, I'm on break, I only drive outside town, I'm not from here, etc, all after you are asked for your destination). This is not allowed. If people where to file more complaints with companies and the taxi authority, maybe something would be done about this.

    Luckily, there are companies that will accept any fare from the taxirank, no matter how short.

    TIP: If you are satisfied with the service of a company, ask for their number and use them again.

  • I took a taxi from a company that I don't usually take, and now I have to pay way more than normal. What should I do?

    First, ask for a specification of the costs. All taxi's have a printer (law) that can print this. If you think you are scammed you could refuse to pay. Don't run away, but stay calm and ask the driver to call the police. If you aren't that assertive, or the driver is trying to collect in an unpleasant way, you pay, but ONLY AFTER YOU GET A PRINTED RECEIPT. No receipt = no obligation to pay.

    TIP: Check the receipt for errors!

    Pay attention that company-name, licenseplate number, P-number are on the receipt. Try to complete it with as much as info as you can, such as name or description of the driver

    These details are important when you want to file a complaint or report the matter to the police.

  • I paid, but I didn't ask for a receipt. Can I file a complaint?

    Of course you can, but the less data and proof you have, the more difficult the matter gets. Try to remeber as much details as you can and file complaint with the company.

  • I didn't ask for a receipt, but I found out that I paid way to much. What can I do?

    That's a though one, because there hardly is any proof. Try contacting the company. If they are legit, they will take your complaint seriously and try to solve the matter. If not, it's a lesson learnt for the next time.

    TIP: If you are satisfied with the quality and service if a certain comapy, ask for their number. There are many independant companies, all with their own definition of service. Using the same company give some certainties.

Taxi 777 specific

  • What is your area of service?

    We have a wide area in which we can provide taxi's for you. Our cars are stationed in Geldrop, Eindhoven, and Valkenswaard, and as long as the loaded/empty ratio is within reasonable range, we are happy to be of service to you. If it isn't, we are happy to refer you to one of our colleagues/competitors

  • Which cars are in your fleet?

    Triple Seven Taxiservice uses a Mercedes Benz Vito (2018) and a Skoda Octavio (2012). We work together with a number of other companies who drive a wide range of brands and models. From Skoda to Mercedes R-class and from saloon to 8-person minivan.

  • Can I take my bicycle in the taxi?

    No, only on rare occassions. There is a real chance of damage to car and biclycle, the car could be soiled with mud and chain oil, or the driver could hurt himself lifting the bike.

  • I bought a new 65 inch tv. Can I take it home with me?

    777 is happy to be of service. 65 inch televisions usually come in sturdy packaging, and if you help the driver with the heavy lifting there shouldn't be a problem. We are however, not to be held accountable for any loss or damage.

  • Can I take my pet? Including dogs?

    Animals in a carrier are never a problem. Socialized dogs (and other animals) are welcome, as long as they don't stink, lose a lot of hair, or are covered in dirt/mud.

  • I'm moving to another apartment. can you help me move?

    Taxi 777 offers people transport. That is the transport of people, with occasional luggage. Couches, refrigirators, coffeetables and boxes full of kithenware don't count as luggage and thus cannot be taken in the taxi. Please contact a moving company

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