Triple Seven Taxiservice rates

For longer trips, such as Airports, special reduced rates apply. These rates are influeced by:

Call (recommended) or mail for a quote.

Schiphol: The price on the taximeter would be €330 for up to 4 people, and €400 for 5 people or more. Under ideal circumstances a 60% discount applies, making the minimum price for a taxi to Schiphol €165.

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Metered prices Taxi 777

Taxi 777 uses the following rates:

Waiting prior to fare when booked€46,29 per hour
Initial charge€3,35€6,80
Price per kilometer€2,47€3,11
Price per minute for the entire duration of the trip€0,41€0,46

Up to 4 people, Triple seven charges the "small" taxi rate. Yet another reason to choose 777. The 'Waiting prior to fare when booked'-charge is calculated by the taximeter. If you were to ask the taxi to wait as you run an errand, extra charges may apply. You will be informed beforehand.

PIN, Chip, Maestro, and Credit Cards

Use of your Maestro card is free. That's what we call service. There is no surcharge for Credit Cards, unless a fixed price was agreed upon. In that case, a surcharge of 3% applies, with a minimum of €3 and a maximum €10. This surcharge is less than what the credit card company charges us. That too is called service at Triple Seven Taxi.

Quick Info


Triple Seven Taxiservice
Wannerwei 20
5551ME Valkenswaard


040 286 7777

From abroad:
+31 40 286 7777


06 46 777777

From abroad:
+31 646 777 777
(No reaction = no taxi)


Less than 5 people in a minivan? With 777 you only pay the normal (small) taxi rate!

PIN and Cards

777 accepts Maestro, Visa, MasterCard and Amex